Rhodonite Crystal Beads Bracelet For Women Braided Rope


This crystal bracelet is made of polished rhodonite and braided rope.

Long-term wearing of the rosette bracelet can make people revel in the bosom of love and guide people to enjoy every moment with mutual respect. It can eliminate domineering, bring your gas, strengthen tolerance, tolerance, is the most conducive to the leadership of the crystal, can also make subordinates convincing service for you.

As an emotional stabilizer, if we are emotionally unstable or irritable in life, it is the most suitable to wear rosette to calm our emotions, especially for the control of some angry emotions, Rosette is a good control of this kind of emotions.

  • Round Shape Rhodonite bead, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM.
  • Braided Rope.
  • Length: Adjustable, 17-21CM.
Bead Diameter

6mm/0.236", 8mm/0.315", 10mm/0.393", 12mm/0.472"

100% REAL Quartz

We only sell the highest quality products made from real rose quartz.


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