Natural Properties of Rose Quartz

Natural Properties of Rose Quartz crystal

Natural rose quartz is a product of nature, and it is inevitable that natural products will have ice cracks, gaps, asbestos flocks or fog wraps. All are proofs of being polished by nature. It is precisely because of this natural characteristic that each piece of rose quartz polished and carved jewelry has a unique beauty.

Ice Cracks

Natural Properties of Rose Quartz crystal Ice Cracks
Rose Quartz Ice Cracks

Natural rose quartz crystal, in the long growth process, its growth environment is constantly changing. Such as crustal movement, volcanic eruption, earthquake, etc. It causes cracks to form inside the quartz crystal, which visually looks like broken ice. If you touch the surface of the quartz crystal with your hand, you will not feel the crack. We call this feature an ice crack, just like an ice crack. Rose quartz crystal without ice cracks is very rare, and its value is much higher than that of quartz crystal with ice cracks.


During the growth process of natural rose quartz crystal, some potholes or crack-like defects are formed on the surface. In the process of manual processing and polishing, a piece of the surface of the bead is missing. These defects can be clearly felt when you touch them with your hands. Ore deficiency is an inevitable characteristic of many natural quartz crystals, such as ghost series, hair crystal series, tiger’s eye, labradorite, kyanite, petrified wood, sky iron, iron ore, sunstone, garnet, tourmaline, etc. .

Asbestos Wool

Natural Properties of Rose Quartz crystal Asbestos Wool
Rose Quartz Asbestos Wool

Usually we will find misty internal scenery in rose quartz crystals. The inside of these quartz crystals presents misty or cotton-like things, called asbestos wadding. Rose quartz produced in Madagascar and Brazil usually contains asbestos flock, while quartz flock produced in Mozambique has the least content, which can produce crystals with transparent colors.

Natural rose quartz crystal, the existence of internal impurities or lack of minerals, created its natural beauty.

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