How to Use The Properties of Rose Quartz

How to use the properties of rose quartz

This pink rose quartz vibration frequency is very consistent with the energy vibration frequency of love. So that almost every girl who advocates health and love will have her own rose quartz, either put it at home or wear it on her body. Decorate their femininity, perhaps because the Reiki therapist told them that rose quartz crystal is an emotional healing stone.

According to scientific research, the molecular energy vibration frequency of rose quartz is 350 Hz. When you are exposed to this frequency, you can increase and coordinate the frequency of heart energy. Its energy vibration can heal emotional wounds and create a quiet space for inner peace and self-repair. It is very helpful to release the depressed negative emotions in the heart and rebuild the space for self-trust.

How to use rose quartz’s healing properties

Since rose quartz has a powerful healing effect, it needs some suitable ways to play it and enhance its healing function.

Wearing rose quartz jewellery

Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelets
Madagascar Rose Quartz Bracelet

Bringing rose quartz around will give you a better performance than keeping it at home. The hardness of rose quartz is 7, which is very suitable for making all kinds of jewelry. Usually rose quartz is carefully carved into necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Choosing a necklace will bring the quartz close to the heart, align the heart chakra, open the pure light, mobilize the body’s energy, purify and heal oneself. Rose quartz is very suitable for engagement or wedding rings. The delicately colored gemstones can strengthen the relationship between love and romance and awaken sensibility and tenderness. An aphrodisiac that inspires intimacy and passion between partners. Bracelets and ear studs can also maintain the intimacy with the skin and always give full play to its energy.

Use rose crystals for meditation

Meditation is a kind of mind exercise method, which is often used in yoga practice. It can bring us back to the best way to calm down. Using rose quartz to meditate, you can release negative emotions from your heart and entire chakras. Refresh the whole body. First, you need to have a piece of rose quartz, or jewelry, and then place it nearby, in your hand or on top of the heart. Find a quiet place, sit down, close your eyes, and imagine some visual images. For example, a white life energy ball slowly traverses every part of your body.

Bring into your skin care

rose quartz scraper.
Rose Quartz Scraper.

Rose quartz is often used in beauty skin care procedures, as both a tool and an ingredient. The anti-aging properties of rose quartz can prevent wrinkles, age spots, acne, rashes, and brighten the skin’s natural luster and appearance. Rubbing rose quartz on the skin may help reduce scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation problems, such as blushing caused by trauma or surgery. The overall beautician is very satisfied with rose quartz because it is said to calm and soothe angry skin. The commonly used tools are rose quartz face roller and rose quartz scraper.

Decorate with rose quartz

Putting rose quartz stone at home is a classic of home decorations. Loved by crystal lovers, the rose quartz lamp can provide soft and energetic pink light. A large piece of raw rose quartz can be placed in the living room, and a small piece of rose quartz can be placed in a glass and added with essential oils to increase the harmony and happiness of the family. If placed in the bedroom, it can attract love and ignite passion.

Use rose quartz feeling

When you hold rose quartz in your hand, you will feel a burst of energy. This energy is both beautiful and gentle. It is flowing, like the energy in a galaxy, which is continuous.

At last

In general, rose quartz is a stone of pure love. It helps to awaken the potential of the purest love in the heart, allowing people to find love for themselves and others. I hope to write this article to help you heal yourself from the energy of rose crystal.

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